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Will be quite inactive until my PMR ends, so... Good luck to everyone having exam in the near future. I wish you all the best! =D

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Ong Jeng
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Hi friend!!^^
Thanks for visiting Deviant Art page!
Just call me Iris or Dew or anything you like^-^ (As long as I understand. Haha

My hobby is drawing,writing poems/stories(but what I'm writing is a secret) and playing Maple Story.
If u are also a fan of Maple Story, then why not we make friends?
My IGN: ForeverDew
World: Gemini of Malaysia
Feel free to add me if were in the same world! xD

Note: I appreciate all your faves and watches, friends! Even if I don't thank you in your profile(most likely before I've already done that not long before), please know that I really appreciate your supports. :D You all give me the power to keep working and improving! Also... sorry if I don't watch back you after you've watched me. This is because I scare I couldn't keep up with all my friends status. So if you want to be my friend instead of watcher, please state that you want to be my friend so I will watch you back.

Thank you so much <33

Current Residence: Malaysia, Penang
Favourite style of art: Maybe cute 1?
Personal Quote: Nice to meet you ah ><
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I've read about yesterday's peaceful gathering in Kuantan, Penang, Ipoh, Sarawak and even other countries, which are really heart warming. I am really impressed that our people are actually concern about their beloved contry, and are trying their best to protect her and change for the better. To everyone who have gone there, or have been supporting the "Stop Lynas" programme, I salute thee!

However, I notice that the information we get about Lynas from the newspaper are somehow limited, and are misleading at times. So, I would like to post some misconceptions which some people, including myself made. If you find any mistake or missing informations here, kindly correct me or help me to add on. I hope it can help others to get a clearer image of it. Besides, as most of my sources are in chinese, and my English isn't not that good, some translations might sound strange. Kindly correct me if you find any grammatic mistakes :X

Firstly, Lynas is a company or whatever which processes rare earth, a type of minerals, which can be used to make semiconductors after being processed. I've got it wrongly before, the radioactive waves aren't generated through the process to extract useful minerals, but from the waste products contained in the rare earth, which will be disposed of.

The informations on the newspaper isn't really clear / complete, so... for those who are unsure about the truth, here's some information.

Q1: The authorities says that the processing rare earth is not harmful, however the citizens are generally worry about it, so it will be take into consideration.
In my own, and also most other people's opinion, this is not true. No matter how the government convince us that the Lynas will not produce radioactive rays, and tell us that these are proven by scientific means, NO, THIS IS NOT TRUE. For evidence, there was once a rare earth plant in Meng Gu, China, and the area which are thousands of kilometres away from the radioactive plant are still exposed to high radioactive waves, and the pollution caused might carry on for more than a thousand years.

For a closer example, there was once a radioactive plant in Ipoh, with a different name (San Ai). It has already been closed down because of the radioactive waste threatening the residents' health. Not much of us is aware of this fact, though.

Not trying to be mean, but his is some kind of common sense. IF the radioactive plant is as harmless as they deem, why don't they build it near Putrajaya, the centre of Malaysia? This place is nearer from where the authorities live, and they can manage the factory with ease. But they've choosen Kuantan where the people are less dense... So, more or less, I believe that they are already aware of the potential harm caused.

Q2: The radioactive plant is just built not long ago, and now it will start working soon.
I once mistaken that the construction started not long ago, but this is not true. The company in charge has started building the plant since last 16 years, but not many of us know this. Now, the plant is already 95% complete, which means, it will start operating soon. It covers an area of 140 times football field, which is HUGE! In my opinions, this is where the problem comes. The construction process must have consumed a hugh sum of money, so if we want them to stop, we must pay them a lot of money, which is not that easy for our country. However I think that the citizens' health are still more precious than money, so we still have to be united and continue the fight!

Q3: Survey shows that most people support the rare earth plant, and there is only 3,000 people who attended the rally.
I think this is pretty much, meh =3= We, the countrymen will not support something that threatens our health and the future of our descendant, no matter how profitable it sounds. We might be okay with it if we're ignorance about the harm caused, but this is not the fact. The source is also unreliable as there is no further information about the survey.

About yesterday's rally, this is even more fake. From the photos taken, I bet there's more then 10 thousands of people participating in it. Don't forget to add people in other state and country who joined this effort.

Some additional info:
- It's good to know that Malaysia is the second richest land of rare earth, after Australia. So the Lynas might take the resources from Malaysia itself for processing, which would cause even more harm to us.
- The continent of Australia is 20 times bigger than Malaysia, and they have even more resources compared to us. But they don't allow the rare earth plant to be built in their country. WHY? Because the people's health are their priority, and they are aware of the danger caused!

That's all, thanks for reading! Once again, I thank you for your concern towards my beautiful country, Malaysia. If you have any additional informations, or if you find any of the information posted above is false, kindly leave a comment here! I will really appreciate it.

Last but not least, my exam starts next week, but I would draw more picture regarding this issue in the future. Lets unite and stop Lynas, save our Malaysia!!

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